Monday, April 13, 2015

6 Reasons Why Nick Miller Would Make a Good Friend

Amanda and Sky here today, talking about one of our favorite characters, Nick Miller from New Girl! Without further ado, here is why Nick would make a good friend.

Spoilers. (Also, we have consulted and decided that Nick is an ISTP.)

1. He has great hair.

nick miller animated GIF

This may seem like a somewhat abitrary reason, but he has great hair and why ignore that? This is Nick Miller and he's about to take the world by storm with his awesome hair and grandpa clothes.

2. He's entertaining. 

Whether it's his turtle face or the things he says, Nick will keep you laughing for decades. Laughter is awesome, and having someone who can make you laugh is even sweeter. That's why you should keep Nick around.

3. He understands what it's like to want to spend a weekend alone.

So you want to relax, watch some Netflix, read some books? Nick Miller will not flood you with calls and texts asking you to hang out. As an introvert and angry hermit himself, he likes to be alone and write weird zombie novels. Thank you Nick for understanding.

nick miller animated GIF

4. He's an old soul.

It isn't just his grandpa clothes. Nick's soul is older than his body. 

He's that curmudgeonly old man that will tell you to get off his lawn.

But if you manage to get him to let you stick around, he'll treat you to six layers of awesome.

5. He's loyal.

Image result for new girl season 1 kimono episode

He may make fun of you, tease you and mess up your stuff and be absolutely insufferable at times, but he's fiercely loyal and won't give up on his friends. Even when one of his roommates dresses up in a kimono and the other one covers himself with paper towels (or toilet paper?) in order to just outdo the weird, he doesn't just give up on them. He has his own quirks too and he definitely doesn't think that they're somehow better than his friends. Even when he breaks up with his girlfriend (and roommate) he doesn't give up on her.

6. He will understand you.

Though he's often grumpy, Nick does know when it's time to give some comforting advice... in his own round about way.

And even in all his realistic, pessimistic glory, Nick will understand you, wherever in life you may be.

Why do you think Nick Miller would make a good friend? Do you also think he has awesome hair, or do you prefer it perfectly smoothed and coiffed?

Points 1, 3, and 5 were brought to you by Amanda.
Points 2, 4, and 6 were brought to you by Sky.


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