Friday, March 13, 2015

Music Plug: Blake Breithaupt

Hello, all!
Do you remember back when I wrote about my friend David's a cappella group? Well, a friend of ours (mine and D's) from way back is releasing his first EP very soon! It's my pleasure to introduce you to one of the nicest guys I know… Blake Breithaupt!
The three of us had the best times in our high school choir… and no doubt they did together with some of our other friends, before they joined me there! Of all the kids in our group, Blake was one of the most passionate about music.
I'm really proud of him, and how far he's come since those days. He's appeared in someone's music video, was an extra on the series finale of one of his favorite shows (One Tree Hill), and now is about to have his first cd sent off into the world. Who'da thunk it? :D
Anyway, I really hope you check out his music… I'd love nothing more than to see his dreams coming true. "Welcome to Someday", B! "Big sis" is very proud and excited for you!

EP title: Welcome to Someday
Style: I guess you could say a little bit pop, and a little bit country!
Why you should listen: His voice is amazing, as is his stage presence. And because I said so! ;)



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