Monday, March 16, 2015

Liz Lemon's Oddly Wonderful Life


About a month ago, I started watching a quirky comedy called 30 Rock. Featuring a brilliant and wonderfully varied cast of characters, I was hooked!

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Liz Lemon’s an INTP.

But Liz Lemon stood out to me. She’s the head writer of a live sketch comedy show (of questionable quality) and she’s definitely not your normal woman in show business. She does it because she loves it and even though it frustrates her to no end, she still loves it.

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Liz is a strong and admirable woman. Even though she really doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing…ever, she still does it with an enviable confidence and sense of snark as she rules her own odd sphere of the world.

And it IS odd. She has to keep her entitled stars under control, she has to make sure her writer’s staff keeps writing (they are insufferably lazy), she has to deal with being mentored by the one and only Jack Donaghy and on top of all that, she has to find a way to have a personal life. Her life is crazy and hectic and nobody else would be able to manage it.

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Lemon has always had trouble finding love. She’s had a string of boyfriends over the years including a doctor who was insanely good-looking, yet horrible at everything; an airline pilot; a pager salesman; a British guy she despised; a man who moved away to Cleveland of all places; and finally, a hot dog salesman.

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But she never gave up in her search for love. Even when Wesley, the afore-mentioned British man, told her that they should be each other’s “settling soulmates,” she only gave in until she found someone, just a short time later, who she thought she could love and be with for a long time. This someone was Carol, the airline pilot.

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Even when her relationship with Carol broke, she still didn’t give up. This time the guy she found was here to stay. 

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Enter Criss Chros, hot-dog salesman. This is a guy who will finally love her for who she is and all her weirdness, like her cheese addiction and weird foot problems. Only with Criss has she been able to get rid of her fears of commitment and get married.

And I think that’s a beautiful thing.


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