Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oliver Queen and Romance

It’s no surprise that Oliver Queen is a ladies’ man. He’s tall, handsome, has lots of money, and you just can’t resist that big smile. Every time a new gorgeous gal shows up, it isn’t long before we witness her and Oliver giving each other google-eyes, then kissing, and possibly… more.

Despite his charms, good looks, and all around ability to swoon every female in the vicinity, he hasn’t had any luck with real romance. I’m talking about the whole “true love” and committed to a relationship for good kind of romance. He’s more of a on the run, let’s have a fling guy, but I have hopes (high, high, hopes) that there’s a chance Oliver Queen might find real romance someday.

Of course, he’s not necessarily considered the most loyal of men either. Since Arrow first started back in 2012, Oliver Queen has had (drum roll please!) eight love interests! Eight! And not all—if any—have turned out well. Among the eight, three are dead, one is in jail, another is paralyzed, and a third isn't mentioned (she’s not even given a name in the show).

That leaves just two with potential for a real romance. Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak.

Laurel is his ex-girlfriend. They have a loooonng history. They dated before he was shipwrecked on the island for (sort of) five years. He also happened to cheat on her with her sister before the shipwreck. Aka: not cool, dude (but remember, that Oliver Queen was much, much different than the Oliver Queen that dons the green hood and awesome bows).

After Oliver’s grand return, they tried to work things out. But it didn’t stick. Laurel couldn’t trust Oliver, Tommy Merlyn—a mutual friend for both—was around to pick up Laurel’s broken heart, and Oliver also came to the point that being the Hood (aka the old name for the Arrow) took up too much time and kept those he loved in danger. It was sort of a mutual parting, I would say.

Now the two remain friends and work together at times to fight crime in Star City. But the future of their relationship remains… unseen.

In the comics, it’s canon that Oliver and Laurel get married. With only two more seasons of Arrow left (at least from what has been projected, five seasons for five years of Oliver’s absence), it’s hard to see them working it out again. It isn’t too far-fetched though when you think about how easy it was for Clark and Lois to get together in Smallville (especially with the capabilities of “epilogues”). I think Laurel and Oliver could learn to love and trust each other. It’ll take time though, and the events of recent in the show haven’t proven to make that easier.

Which brings me to our second lady in Oliver’s life: Felicity Smoak.

Despite that Felicity was only supposed to appear once or twice (before she was given an actual character on the show), most fans (???) are just as in love with Felicity as Oliver appears to be (aka a lot, like starry eyed, can’t speak to her, awkward fidgeting, etc.). She’s the relatable character to many fangirls. She’s a little nerdy, a little awkward, and a whole lot of cute. She’s smart and pretty much keeps Oliver and boys in check.

Which is why—do I hear the bells?—they’d be perfect for each other (if Oliver would stop being so stiff and worried about danger!). Felicity balances Oliver out with her down-to-earth personality, her caution, and her kindness. She’s what Oliver needs to not only keep going with his crime fighting business, but also to get through each day that ends up being harder than the next.

As a friend of mine said, their relationship should be dubbed “OTP: there was no other choice.” Because after spending a few moments with these two goobers, you can’t help but feel the tension radiating in the room. And even Stephen Amell (who plays Oliver Queen) has confessed to being a "Olicity" shipper himself (if not the biggest shipper aka "Captain Olicity").

Of course, it can’t be that simple. Especially when Mr. tall, dark, and handsome fancy pants, billionaire Ray Palmer arrives and tries to sweep Felicity off her feet (URGHADHFAHFdasf I am not happy about him!!!). Their relationship works—to a point. I still sense she has some feelings for Oliver (especially with that mid-season finale conversation and the looks in their eyes). But right now, it’s all up in the air of what will happen. (Spoilers!!!)

Again, just like Laurel + Oliver = ???, I think Felicity + Oliver = ??? There are hints—have been hints—for the past two seasons about something more in their relationship. They went on a date, he practically declared his love for her twice now (okay, the first time was a ploy to trick Slade Wilson), and in the midst of terrible, heart-breaking news, Felicity believed in Oliver. How can they not end up together? Alas, my shipper’s heart cannot be satisfied yet.

The future remains unseen for Oliver and Romance. It’s safe to say a number of his old love interests probably won’t be back for seconds or thirds. I think we’ve come to the point that there’s only two options for Oliver: Laurel or Felicity.

I adore Felicity and want to sail this ship past shipwrecked waters, but a part of me thinks I would be okay with the canon of Laurel and Oliver (provided he doesn’t kill her himself when he finds out about her being the Black Canary). I just want Oliver to have a chance at real romance and not to witness anybody else he loves die. I don’t think the man can take much more!


What about you? Do you have a particular lady in mind for Oliver Queen? Are you on board the Olicity ship? Or are you set in that Oliver and Laurel have to end up together?


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