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Music Plug: Breath of Soul

I know, it's been awhile... sorry about that! Hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of me really soon. :) Today's post is one I'm really excited about sharing with you, and I hope that you love it.

So, how many of you love a cappella music? Well, have I got a treat for you! Now, be aware up front that I am entirely biased in this group's favor, but once you read on, you won't really blame me. :P

I guess it really starts back when I moved to my current location, in March 1996. At church, I met a family that would with time, give me two of my very best friends. One, the youngest, was a little boy of 8… I was 12. We sang together at church, and much later, in high school. We always joked he'd be famous. Now, that joke… that dream, is becoming a reality!

Enter Breath of Soul:
Five cool, talented guys who have killer voices and even bigger hearts! They are:
David Kempton (tenor), Beck Martin (tenor), Jesse Upah (baritone), Tony Marx (bass), and Jake Black (vocal percussion).

BOS, a History:
So, back in 2006, five guys (David, Tony, Jesse, and two others) from Millikin got a summer job singing at Navy Pier. At work, they were known as The Fleets. But otherwise, in reality, were called 5one. Around 2008 most of them graduated, and the group disbanded. Fast forward to 2009, and David and Jesse moved down to Nashville where Tony was. They reformed and renamed the group, and made their 2nd (a Christmas) cd. Not long after, Jake entered the picture through Craigslist (no, I'm not kidding).

They've performed for some pretty cool people (including members of Journey, Rascal Flatts, and the Gaither Vocal Band!), and opened for Lady Antebellum (in 2012, as the result of winning an a cappella contest) and Jay Leno (more recently). They've toured at churches, schools, and other events nationally, and even recently spent time in Taiwan! All while holding down regular day jobs, and spending time with their families!

David, Beck, me, Tony, and Jesse. Unfortunately, that trip Jake couldn't make it. (3-15-2014)

Within the last year, they wanted to go on The Sing-Off, but needed a fifth member. Enter Craigslist again, which brought them Beck. They didn't make the show, sadly… to the outrage of all friends and family. ;) However, their very own beatboxer/singer extraordinaire is currently in the Hollywood portion of American Idol auditions! Look for him, ok? (be aware that his status might have been to be sent home by this point. I didn't get to see the episodes from Hollywood week, so I can't be sure if he's still in the running or not.)
There is so much more I could say... about my experiences with the group, and David in particular, but that's a story for another day. And by all means, feel free to ask me... I could talk for days  about my dear friends/favourite group!

Why you should listen:
Well, why not?! Don't take my  word for it, though… listen to this, and tell me you don't want more. Seriously, I dare you!

I guess it's just… cool. Any time a fan on YouTube says they're the "biggest fan" (a title Jake gave me once) I have to giggle and shake my head. It's kind of neat saying that I liked/knew (of) them before they became famous. It's really awesome to be able to say "My  'kid brother' is one of the leads", and that I "helped" them win that contest. (voting and spreading the word daily) I beam with pride when I share their videos, see them sing (hearing the screams in the room), and knowing that I was one of a handful of people from home that got to see them at that Lady Antebellum concert that December! I just… mainly I just love seeing "my" Davey's dreams coming true. Call it the sentimental big sister side of me if you want. But I was part of the first group he ever sang in! Only a small select group of people (around nine or ten of us) can say that! I just hope I'm around to see his career in entertainment grow even more for many years to come. (that little ham deserves it!) And I hope that it will still allow him time to come home once in awhile… so I can sing with him again too. :)

David and I after the Lady Antebellum Concert (12-3-2012)
Click here to see their website! (so you can see more pictures, videos... and get their cds!)
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