Saturday, January 17, 2015

Vlog #1: Marvel Ships (Poor Hawkeye)

This past Thursday, my sister Shy and I decided to record some vlogs. We accidentally made one talking about Marvel in general, but specifically romantic relationships in the MCU. While I can't promise we are succinct, we hope you enjoy.

our email: thefangirlinitiative @ gmail . com

And since we totally forgot to ask in the video (how lame, I know), who is YOUR absolute favorite Marvel ship?

We hope to put these up every weekend. We'll see you next week!

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  1. This was super fun to watch! :) and I, of course, love the topic of conversation.

    Don't forget about Agent 13, Sharon Carter... she's Cap's love interest after Peggy (and she's in Winter Soldier; she's the blond agent that lives down the hall from him)

    And according to comics, Hawkeye marries "Mockingbird" who is Bobbi (Agent 19) and has appeared on Agents of SHIELD (weird, I know). So mayyyyyyybe that will happen, but I think a lot of people are hoping for more between Natasha and Cling (and don't ship her with Steve at all... but again, opinions, opinions)

    I wonder if they will bring in Betsy Ross for Bruce, but I don't know. I mean, according to comics canon I don't think Tony and Pepper ever had a relationship. And Jane (spoilers???) dies and Thor has a relationship with Sif (please, oh please!!)

    So basically looking at the comics vs the mcu, anything could happen the same or different. It's a whole new frontier!

    My favorite ship? Ugh. I still love Steve and Peggy, despite the "age" difference. And I think Tony and Pepper together is fantastic. But probably Fitzsimmons is highest on my list bc they are precious.